Easy way to save money while shopping online using EBATES

I was snapping and doing insta stories a bit ago on some online clearance when my little EBATES button popped up reminding me I can activate cash back when I realized I have never shared with you guys about how I use EBATES.

So I had seen the commercials for it how people get money back for shopping online, I had seen other bargain shoppers post their referral links but it never dawned on me that that OH YEAH, I shop online and I LOVE saving money.

So at some point in the last year I finally signed up and now I save money pretty much everywhere I shop online from expedia when I book our trips, to eBay, old navy, kohls…you name it, you can probably get cash back.

It is a super simple sign up process where it will install a button and anytime you go to a website that EBATES has cash back available it will pop up and remind you so you won’t ever forget. Its fantastic!!  Christmas time is always a good time when earning cash back.


To sign up you can use my referral link here: https://www.ebates.com/r/KYMBER608?eeid=28187 and you’ll actually get $10 right off the bat.

Let me know if you have any questions!


This is in no way a sponsored post. 



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