Choosing to blog authentically

I started blogging 8 years ago. Long before it was cool, long before companies really took notice to sponsored posts and ads. It was xanga, it was sidebar ads, and youtube videos.

Back then every saturday I would take my bible and laptop and drive down to my favorite coffee shop on the water in washington and blog. For me blogging was journaling. I blogged everything I was going through. No matter how embarrassing, hurtful, or joyous.

My approach to blogging was if I am going through this hurt, pain, joy, confusion someone else probably is too. I chose to blog to be able to help others get through the hard stuff in life AND I always threw in a smattering of my crazy bargain shopping and home decorating.

And I am so ready to get back to that. I have found myself exhausted forcing myself in a hamster wheel trying to be something I am not. Trying to accomplish things that don’t inspire me. This season has been so confusing for me. As I reach for what it is that I was made to do things keep getting in the way distracting me from it and in my haste to solidify my job, and career I found myself swinging back and forth grasping at things that I really don’t care about but somehow convinced myself I did.

My intention in being a blogger has always been to inspire, and encourage others. So heres to getting back to that. Heres to letting go of trying to have all the bells and whistles and just being me.

Here’s to returning to my real passions and allowing my heart to be set on fire again for what makes me truly come alive.


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