Day in the life

I never want to forget the “little moments” because those are my favorite moments. The hanging out with daddy while he watches tv, the mommy is making me look at the camera and smile when I don’t understand what that big black thing is in front of dads face look. I wanna remember reality. I wanna remember what it really felt like to raise this little guy. I never want to forget his little personality.


kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-29 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-30 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-31 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-32 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-33 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-34 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-35 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-36 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-37
kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-39 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-40 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-41 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-42 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-43 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-44 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-45 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-46 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-47 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-48 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-49 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-50 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-51 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-52 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-53 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-54 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-55 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-56 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-57 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-58 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-59 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-60 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-61 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-62 kymberly-janelle-photography_nt-63

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