My little dragon | 4.5 months old

Yes, I was that mom that tortured my child to wear a costume simply for pictures. Can’t forget about those cute pumpkin pajamas I scored at Target last year for less than a dollar.


kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-2 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-3 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-4 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-5 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-6 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-7 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-8 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-9 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-10 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-11 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-12 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-13 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-14 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-15 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media-16 kymberly-janelle-photography_social-media

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