Honor thy father | Fathers Day Edition

photo credit:KJP

(re-post from 2012)

Today is fathers day. One of the Fathers Day traditions in my house is to make dad breakfast. I have always done this task. This year he choose Belgian Waffles with fresh strawberries. So 45 mintutes before breakfast I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, got in my car and drove to the store. I walked into the store, grabbed my organic strawberries and got into line. All seemingly mundane tasks. Until I began talking with the clerk and the man behind me.

The clerk asked a typical question. “Do you have any plans for today?”

“Yep, I am making my dad belgian waffles with strawberries” I replied.

The man behind me grumbled “I wanna come to your house, all my kids are asleep.”

“Oh no” I told him.

He continued “I gotta make my own d*mn coffee. I asked them if they wanted to go out to eat for breakfast, but I am gonna have to go to breakfast myself…to h*ll with them” He said. Obviously upset.

It was in that moment of talking with this once stranger that I realized the simple task of making my dad breakfast was much more than that. It really is a way to honor my father. To take time out of my morning to say thank you.

[Food is the way to a mans heart after all right ;]

The seemingly small things can mean the world to another. Don’t underestimate taking time out of your day for someone.

So today I want to challenge you to take 5 minutes out of your day and honor your father. Whether that be in words, in action. Take time to say THANK YOU. No father is perfect, no father has it all together. I know that. Not sure what to say to dad? Ask God for His heart towards your father, and speak that life over him. Today I learned that the little things really do mean something to dads. Maybe you haven’t talked to your dad for years, maybe you haven’t said I love you for awhile. Why not start today?

Today my hope is you choose not to be the child of the upset father that I encountered at the store, but choose to be the child of God who desires to honor and love their father in there imperfections and weakness.

The hour that it took to wake up, go to the store, and make breakfast meant more to my dad than even I know. Choose to honor your father today ladies. Would love to hear what you are doing today to honor Him.

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