Must have items for first week of having newborn


Meal Train: You are not going to have energy to make meals for yourself let alone your spouse and you’re certainly not going to have energy to coordinate who is bringing what, when. Meal train takes care of it all for you and emails you when someone signs up. We signed up for meals to be made for us and we’ve only had to make dinner once in the first 7 days of him being here.

SHOWER: I made sure the morning we got home I took a quick shower and washed my hair cause lemme tell you I looked like a hot mess. Then again I had been in labor for 30 hours. But really though, go take a quick shower the next morning after you get home. You’ll feel refreshed and well you just had a baby come out of you so a shower may be a good idea 😉

PADS: You will bleed. A lot for awhile after baby. Talk to your midwife or doctor about what is normal bleeding. This is a whole other ball game, nothing like that time of the month bleeding. Frozen pads are the best btw.

PERI-BOTTLE: This little bottle will help when its time to go the bathroom. The birth center I delivered at provided ours. I suggest buying one in case the place you’re giving birth doesn’t have one. WAY easier than the spray bottle I originally bought.


WIPE WARMER:I didn’t actually think this would have been such a big deal but it was, at least for our little guy. If you wanted to hear him cry just put a cold wipe on his bum and the cries would begin. So thank you to whoever invented this. It’s one of the few baby gadgets I fully support.  We personally have the Prince Lionhearted  which you can find at Target for $21.99

BURP CLOTHS: You’ll need them, and you’ll need lots of them. We personally use the Gerber Pre-fold diapers. They are super absorbent and way cheaper than any other burp cloths you’re going to find. We personally have two “stations” besides the changing table station with burp cloths, diapers, and wipes so we don’t have to go running for what we need. I suggest having at least 8-10. You can find them at Target: Gerber Cloth Diaper Pre-fold: $12.59

Breastfeeding MUST HAVES

NURSING BRAS: I highly suggest buying several sizes. I went from an A to C during pregnancy and then a C to a DD within two days of birth. I personally found some lace non underwire Medium, Large type nursing bras at Target to be the most comfortable to wear. Remember to avoid nursing bras with underwire. This is especially important when your breasts are engorged.

DISPOSABLE NURSING PADS: They are a must. Enough said. I have the Target up & up brand and they work great. Only thing is there is wrapping on each one (which I get is for sanitary reasons but sometimes I wish I could just grab one and go. Maybe thats just me 😉 Target Up & Up brand Nursing Pads (100 ct): $11.50

LARGE WATERBOTTLE: I had no idea just how thirsty I would be all the time from breastfeeding. So I adapted a subconscious rule. When baby drinks, mama drinks. I have water bottles all over the house for me to chug. My “rule” is drink 1/2-1 water bottle per feeding. It’s way easier to just have my large water bottle filled though. Make sure it has an easy straw you don’t have to flip. One hand for baby, one hand for water bottle.

LANOLIN CREAM: Best money you will spend keeping your nipples comfortable. I don’t use it all the time but there are times I need. Here is what I use (found at Target): Medela 2oz Tender Care Lanolin: $8.19

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