How to make Padsicles

postpartum padsicles

When I became pregnant I asked a select few friends what they suggested I buy and make for ME for pregnancy and post partum. One of the things that everyone suggested were these padsicles. There are several different ways to do them. Some people just pop pads in the freezer as is. However I know with all the swelling and potential tearing I would want a little extra something on the pad.

This is seriously so quick mom’s to be. It took me MAYBE 5 minutes to do an entire package of pads and pop them in the freezer.



PADS – I choose TENA pads simply because I got them free from couponing last year and have been needing to use them. While they are “ultra thin” they are about regular absorbency period pads.

Aloe Vera Target- $3.74

Witch HazelTarget – $2.49

Spray bottle- Target- $0.97 : Found in the travel section (This is not necessary but I thought it would be easier than trying to pour from the large container. So glad I did this. This way if I wanna spray the pads more I can super easy)



how to make padsicles

First I poured some of the witch hazel into the small spray bottle I got. Made it so much easier to apply to each pad and not risk pouring entire bottle all over one pad.
how to make padsicles how to make padsicles

Now it was time to start making them! I started with Aloe Vera. I just squirted a line of aloe and then took my fingers and rubbed it in.
how to make padsicles

Then I sprayed with the Witch Hazel.
how to make padsicles

I realized after doing one pad it was going to take a long time if I unwrapped, and did one pad at a time so I created a mini assembly line and did 5-10 at a time. See my brain isn’t completely fried due to pregnancy brain 😉
how to make padsicles

The assembly line…how to make padsicles

And that is all. See, I told you super easy.

I just did one bag worth (24). Because it was so easy if I need to make more later I can. Not sure how many I will go through each day. I will update this post once I use them and let you know if theres anything I would have changed or if I would have wished I made 5 bags more 😉

how to make padsicles All ready for the freezer.





2 thoughts on “How to make Padsicles

  1. Did you use them quickly? Anything you would have done differently? I’m due in 3 weeks and plan on making these for sure!

    1. Definetly wish I had put wayyyyy more liquid on them. Helps them to completely freeze. You literally want them to be an ice cube (haha). They were a lifesaver. Especially the first 48 hours!!! Do not go 48 hours without them. Fortunately my birth center provided me with some for that first day. It was one the first things they had me do after birth and everything was out 😉

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