Why marriage

Why marriage?

That is the question I want to address tonight. First off I want to start with a little backstory about myself. Before I got married I had seasons of life being completely content being single (I am an introvert after all;) and seasons of yearning to spend my life with one person, heck I had been engaged before, thankfully it had been called off!! In the end as I like to call it because my husband is my beginning and end (more on that later) I chose one man to spend my life with, to commit my life to, to marry.

I didn’t chose to just being roommates, or his significant other. I’ve been created in such a way that there is a desire within me to be able to give my all to one person and one person alone and I found another soul who is the same. He loves and feels so deeply, he forgives before I even know I need forgiveness. We are two souls that when we come together make even even better thing. We balance each other out in ways we never knew imaginable. Together we build each other to be able to accomplish so much more than we could alone. Together we make the world a better place. Beyond our relationship, in the workplace, in our friendships we are better.

I chose marriage. But why? How did I know I made the right decision? How do I know if things will work out between us?

I don’t. 

What I do know is that we both made the same commitment to each other. To give our all, to be there for the other person. We promised security, love, devotion, forgiveness, and undying patience that day we married each other. We chose to die to ourselves and lift the other one up.

After many failed relationships, after one to many heartbreaks I knew what my heart needed if I was going to commit myself to one person and I waited for that person to come along. What I saw in my now husband when we first met were sparks of those very things. I believe that as we continue to grow in marriage we will see those things come to life even more. Heck, we have in the last 2.5 years of our marriage. We have both changed so much. More than I think either of us would have ever imagined and while it was hard at first mainly because we were both surprised and trying to figure out all these changes it is a joy to walk through life with someone and see them come alive and discover themselves. It is something we will both continually go through in the seasons of life.

But you HAVE to love that person.

It’s true I have committed my heart, soul, and body to love my husband and by making that commitment I believe it makes me a better person. I have been given the opportunity to grow in love, in patience, in grace towards this person. The patience that my husband shows me is beyond a love that I have ever known. He choses to look past whatever hurt or pain he may be feeling because of something I may have said or done and he chooses to be patient with me in the moment knowing I am going through something holding onto knowing I love him with all that I am and that this pain he is feeling will pass and I will come to my senses (hopefully sooner than later) and forgiveness will be had.

How can another human be your beginning and end?

He is my beginning and my end when it comes to my love story. I chose to commit my life to this man. I chose to give my all to him. He comes first and foremost before my friends and family. He ignited a love in me when I met him that I only dreamt of encountering. He is my end because he is the man I want to see when I take my last breath. I chose this man. I would chose him 100 times over. Not because marriage is easy, not because its the convienent choice. Marriage is hard work, but its the kinda work that the more you do it the “easier” it gets. I use to HATE apologizing, I hating admitting I was wrong, I hated admitting I had hurt him. Now we have gotten to a place in our relationship where I have so much love, and respect for this man it literally hurts me when I hurt him. Where there was resistance to lay down my pride I now willingly run to him asking for forgiveness and reminding him of the love that he so deserves. I chose one man to love because I wanted to fully 100% give myself to someone and that is only possible to give your all to one.

So that’s why I chose marriage. How about you?

I think my next blog post should be about how my husband does not complete me…whatcha think? Thinking a series on marriage may be on the horizon

3 thoughts on “Why marriage

  1. This is a good post. I’m an introvert, too…actual “recluse” might be a better term. But what about advice for being an introvert and marriage?

    1. Thats a great topic!! I will have to do a blog post on that too! Thanks Rae!
      Even better is I am introvert and my hubby is an extrovert😉 That was a fun balance to learn

  2. Thats a great topic!! I will have to do a blog post on that too! Thanks Rae!
    Even better is I am introvert and my hubby is an extrovert 😉 That was a fun balance to learn

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