Some of my favorite things: Maternity Dresses

When PinkBlush emailed me asking me if I wanted to try out a few dresses it was a no-brainer. I had been eyeing their adorable dresses and now was the perfect timing with spring here. My non maternity dresses just aren’t fitting my 7.5 month bump like I need them to. Pink Blush to the rescue!

I kid you not when I say I put these dresses on and instantly felt like a million bucks. There is just something about a Maxi Dress. The best part is being all legs and somewhat tall (5’9″) these maxi dresses are still maxi dresses even with my 7.5 month bump. This is nearly impossible for me to find. So THANK YOU to pink blush for making dresses for every body shape!

This royal blue dress will be the dress I wear to my baby shower next month. Best part? Its under $50!! I am wearing a size small. Click HERE to find it on PinkBlush.


pink blush maternity dresses pink blush maternity dresses


This floral maxi dress makes me feel like a million bucks. I know I will be wearing this post partum as well. Its so light and flowy its perfect for summer. This dress is currently on sale so get over to PinkBlush and grab this up. It also comes in burgundy. Here is the blue one.

pink blush maternity dresses
pink blush maternity dresses


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