Faith is not…

I was reading a post today and it sparked something in me. This blog post started as a Facebook post but got a little long so I thought I would post it here on my blog. I know I haven’t blogged a lot about faith as of late. So here is a little dose…
I’ve never understood how people base their “faith” on life circumstances. I’ve had some pretty bad circumstances thrown my way yet I know God is good.
I also believe in a God who doesn’t seek out harm, death, or sickness towards mankind.
Therefore I am able to believe the negative things that have occurred in my life and those around me did not originate from the heart of God.
Yes, there has been silver linings in even the most painful of circumstances but that doesn’t mean that was Gods intention all along. It instead reinforces that God is able to make good out of evil, peace out of fear, and joy out of mourning.
I feel like there are people disillusioned out there believing that if you believe in God nothing bad will happen. That you are invincible.
This is so not how it works. The strength and supernatural ability that God provides is turning the negatives into positives. Its the ability to see past the hurt, the disappointment, the pain and see what lies ahead. It’s the ability to soul search and learn more of who you are. It is to rise above the self-pity, the anger, the temptation to give up and to keep going strong. To live. Thats what it is about, to live. Its being given the ability to live a fully alive life. Not just getting by, not just surviving, but thriving. Encouraging, strengthening, and loving those around you. 
Just some thursday thoughts…

One thought on “Faith is not…

  1. Beautifully said. This is a similar misconception that, “I’m going through this hard time so God wouldn’t put me here if I couldn’t handle it.” Sometimes we go through things and we aren’t designed to go through it alone…we need help…that’s where God comes in. To provide that comfort or support we need during a trying time.

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