Gender Reveal Party

Oh my goodness our hearts are absolutely exploding with love. Yesterday we had our gender reveal where we discovered what we were having. You heard right, we had NO IDEA. I closed my eyes at the ultrasound while she looked and then handed the confidential information to one of my dear friends who went and bought the balloons for the gender reveal balloon box that I made (blog post coming on how I made it).

I was SHOCKED when we discovered what we were having.

gender reveal party

I made this custom “Baby Rubeo” sign for under $0.05. I used gold glitter paper I got from Michaels a two years back for $0.01/sheet and twine from Target I scored for $0.10 during 90% off christmas clearance this year. The garland I scored for $0.60 from this years 90% off christmas clearance as well. So this entire display cost me less than $0.75!!


I had seen others make ‘Old Wives Tales’ signs as well. We didn’t bank on this and that’s probably a good thing because it was completely WRONG. haha.

old wives tales gender reveal party

I will be doing post on how I made this sign for under $1 as well

gender reveal party gender reveal party gender reveal party gender reveal party

I got these adorable little robot and ladybug stickers from Targets valentines dollar spot. We had our friends and family put a sticker on which side they thought we were going to have. Once everyone put a sticker on the BOY side was winning.

gender reveal party

One of my dear friends Dezi did this for her gender reveal announcement and when I saw that I knew I HAD to incorporate it somehow it our design. So I just laid them out for people to take if they wanted.

Okay to the IMPORTANT STUFF. The gender!

Let me preface the pictures with saying the first 8 weeks I swore up and down that we were having a boy then second trimester I thought it was a girl. All my baby dreams were about girls, but my thoughts were about boys. My husband and I were rooting for a boy. I am such a sucker for little boys but I was convinced we were having a girl.

Moments before we opened the box was a whirlwind of emotions. I was settling it in my heart we would have a girl…

gender reveal party gender reveal party

Then the moment we were waiting for…

gender reveal
gender reveal party gender reveal party gender reveal party
gender reveal party gender reveal party

IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot explain how excited we are. With that being said the emotions of it all have just barely begun to hit me. Last night over dinner while talking with hubby I realized I haven’t had a good shock in years. After so many traumatic events happening in the last three years (my mom dying after I moved halfway across the states, my grandpa dying several months later, then my grandma just recently passing away). While I have had some incredible moments in life, and I treasure those everyday when it comes to surprises/shocks they have all been bad, really bad the last couple years. So the shock of we are having a boy is still setting in and I can feel all the emotions bubbling up in me. If were being honest I am just waiting for it to all come pouring out and for me to been a crying, sobbing, hormonal mess. But I welcome those tears. Good tears are always good.

gender reveal party

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