Top 3 stores to shop at day after Christmas

I am a HUGE fan of shopping stores the day and week after a holiday. For christmas though its all about the day after. Why? Because its the biggest ‘day after’ holiday that people shop. Bargain hunters, couponers, and the average Joe. So everything goes QUICK.

I always have a game plan when I do day after Christmas shopping. I’m currently working on mine now for which stores, and exactly what items I am wanting. (Blog post coming on the top things to buy the day after christmas). 

My top three stores are actually not stores I typically shop at EXCEPT my first pick. I’ll explain more along the way




My TOP THREE STORES to shop at the day after Christmas are….


  1. TARGET. 

This should go without saying if you know me 😉 I practically live at Target. Target is my #1 pick because of how diverse there christmas selection is. Did you know there is christmas stuff in almost EVERY department? Beauty, Cleaning, Toys, Clothing, Decor, Lighting, Personal Care… the list goes on.Because of this a couple days beforehand I walk all through the entire store and write down everything I am wanting to get and know exactly what aisles I need to hit up. Why a couple days beforehand and not a month before? Because people are last minute. They are always shopping the day before stocking up. So I would rather see if they even have it in stock chances are at this late in the season they are not re-stocking the shelves. I make this list so that when I see the 50 other people rushing to the clearance section I don’t get caught up in what I think I need, or completely forget to check certain aisles. Once I make that list I make notes of how many I would like of each and what items are most important to me. For example getting household items are way more important to me than getting more ornaments because they are something we use on a daily basis.



I RARELY shop at Walmart. Sorry, Walmart but target just has my heart. Simple as that. However when it comes to day after thanksgiving shopping Walmart has a lot more of certain things that I know target will either

(a) sell out of instantly

(b) not have enough in stock

(c) Less expensive price before any discount meaning even deeper discount when 50% off is applied

so I ALWAYS hit up walmart. With that being said, be prepared. Walmart gets INSANE the day after christmas. I wish I were joking. So just put a smile on your face, look at that list you made, grab it, and get out.



This may come as a surprise to you. Did you even consider the dollar tree? I am a sucker for it because hello 50% off $1 is $0.50! Guaranteed amazing prices. The only thing with DT is they can and do sell out fairly quick because theres not a lot of stock. However what they do have are things I use either for parties or use for DIY holiday crafts. Because its mainly crafting and party goods for me this is my last stop of the day. They are not necessary items, just perks.


So, were these stores what you were thinking they would be? I would LOVE to hear what stores you hit up and why! I honestly do not venture from these three because they are my staples of what I need and want year-round.

Next blog post is on EXACTLY what I buy at each of these stores so that you can make your own list this year and go armed ready to get everything you need and want 😉

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