Gods Value System

 As humans we have nailed down a value system pretty well for every area of life. In work, in school. We know what is required of us to earn a good grade. We know how much we have to work in order to receive finances.

Then you open the bible and all our ways of giving value  to our lives are made nothing. They go out the window.

Go to Ephesians for example. He is telling us we have EVERYTHING we could ever need in Him. We cannot earn it. We cannot prove ourselves to Him in order to get every spiritual gifting He is freely giving it to us all for the sake of love. From eternity God was a father desiring a family and jesus came to reconcile the family.  We did nothing to deserve Jesus. It was all God.

Gods value system is not like the worlds. In fact its not a value system at all. Gods value system hinges on Jesus Christ. He gave us our worth. A pure, Holy, and spotless man gave us the key to the kingdom. Now what God asks of us comes down to one word receiving.

Receiving can sometimes be the hardest thing for us to do in life. We are taught to earn our wages, we are taught to study for our grades. Which is good. But when it comes to love, when it comes to acceptance we cannot earn those. Our identity can never be earned, yet the world likes to tell us otherwise. And at first it can seem right. Achieve a certain status and you feel as though you can earn the right to be in a relationship with someone. Be ‘holy enough’ and you can be in ministry. But thats not how God works. He gives freely, and extravagantly. To those stuck in the rat race of trying to earn everything it seems unfair why someone would be given everything when they have been working so hard for years to achieve what they are being given in one days time. And they are right, it is unfair. Why should we get everything? However thats just God. He gives. He lavishes His beloved children with everything good. Think about that for a moment. God is simply asking you receive His love. Through it you will find your identity. Just read the scriptures, from eternity God had you written on His heart. You cannot earn his affection. You had His affection before you even knew His name, that is how you came into existence.

Your responsibility in this insane exchange of love is to partner with the truth that the bible says. Open your hands and your heart to the revelation of who you are IN HIM and watch yourself become free from trying to earn something you cannot earn.


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