Motivating yourself to workout during pregnancy

getting motivation to workout when pregnant

Typically I love working out. Strength training is no problem for me as I have everything at home and do it all during the day while i’m watching TV, while I’m waiting for laundry to be done… However there are some days even when the sun is shinning and its 58 degrees out in December (Um, maybe global warming really is a thing) that I still lack the motivation to get outside and get my cardio in. Today was one of those days. I had no desire to take my butt outside. Instead I walked around the house trying to procrastinate however it wasn’t really working. I was bored even though there was cleaning to be done, and clothes to be put away.

So I threw on my workout clothes, tried to procrastinate for another couple minutes and finally made myself get outside and start walking. Once I hit a mile I was all about it. A smile emerged and I remembered oh yeah! Endorphins. I love endorphins. That is what I have to remind myself each time I don’t want to workout that I will eventually enjoy it.

The other thing that gets me out the door? Having my workout clothes on. If you have seen me during second trimester chances are I was wearing workout clothes. It just helps me get in that mentality. I would say 50% of the time I am wearing workout clothes now. I mean hello they are soon comfy!!

What helps you get motivated to do your cardio while pregnant?

4 thoughts on “Motivating yourself to workout during pregnancy

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what will motivate me to go out and get some cardio in. I was never a fan of working out pre-pregnancy so it’s even harder for me now. I try to take my breaks at work and walk around the building though…that counts, right?

    1. Absolutely!! I am a huge fan of doing my strength training while watching TV during commercials.
      Start small and work your way up, the more you do it the more you’ll see how much better you feel.
      I think to often we try and “go big or go home” however starting small is where its at. You’ll burn yourself out if you try and do it all in one day.

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