Treasuring the now

This morning I woke up earlier than normal. Rain is pouring outside, and its perfectly quiet inside. Theres just something so serene about Sunday mornings so I decided to slip out of bed and start my day.

I know that these early mornings won’t last long but it is my time of reflection, and preparing for the day.

My mom did this every morning. I remember she would sit in her lazy boy rocker with the massage chair seat on, coffee in hand, reading her Joyce Meyer book preparing for her day. Its some of my favorite memories of my mom later on in life because I saw her completely at rest, and at peace.

I am learning to treasure these moments of solitude during my pregnancy. I know when the bebe comes life will just look different. I know that waking up early undetected (unless the baby sleeps like my husband;) will be but a distant memory.

During this pregnancy I am trying to focus on everyday and enjoying it for all that it can be knowing I will never have another baby or pregnancy exactly like this. These moments in time can never be done again.

I want to treasure every moment of every day. I want to make sure that I am cultivating a place for myself that brings me peace and rest.


Since entering second trimester pregnancy is flying by. It makes me stop and think about how long I’ve been in my second trimester (just a couple weeks) and how quickly its seemed to go by and thats just how little bebe first weeks will be to in the grand scheme of things. YES I know the lack of sleep, and the every couple hour feedings will not make it feel like that in the moment but I know when I step back and look at it, those first two weeks of the bebe’s life are so quick and they truly never look that way again.

I truly just want to be able to soak up and savor every moment of being a momma. Starting now.


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