Choosing to eat healthy during pregnancy


(Image is what I made for lunch it was amazing. I may have licked the plate. Shhhh. Salmon filet cooked in mediterean oil, spinach, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, blue cheese, pepper, Trader Joe cilantro dressing)

Eating well for 9 months is hard. I mean hard. I am naturally a fairly decent eater. I love drinking water, I love salad, but I also LOVE CARBS & SWEETS! I’ve also never been able to keep with good clean eating habits for more than maybe 4 days. haha. I wish I were kidding.

While I am thankful for my naturally thin body it is a very different experience to be watching the scale change weekly and my body start to create a bump.

Even with working out and eating good my body changes. It’s apart of pregnancy. It is definitely a learning and growing experience though. It’s a new thing to see your body growing even with keeping with the same eating habits as before and its not that its fat its just a cute little baby growing inside me.

Back to not binging on ice cream, donuts, and sticky buns everyday. I’ve gotta know what helped you stay on track during your pregnancy? For me so far its been following other pregnant mommas keeping track of there fitness and eating habits on IG. It’s a reminder of what is possible and what I can do if I choose to.


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