Why I’ve chosen NOT to read pregnancy books

When I found out we were expecting a baby I actually chose NOT to read books about pregnancy. For a first time mama you may be thinking. What? Why?

For me personally I don’t want to be be swimming in what-if’s and possible ways to hurt yourself or baby. I have some amazing women around me that I bug on the weekly. In the first 7 weeks, it was pretty much on the daily. Thanks Becky for putting up with my daily 5xs a day questions. And I have this awesome pregnancy app that I love that my same friend Becky recommended called OVIA. If you’re pregnant I highly suggest downloading it. Compared to all the other app’s this one is definitely my favorite. It gives good solid facts, tells you about baby growth, explains what you MAY be experiencing that week or day and gives you opportunity to track anything you want. It also shows you how big your baby is and how big your babies hand is. Which I LOVE following.

The miracle of life is just that… AMAZING.

If I have anything that may be serious I again ask friends, do a quick google search and go from there. I have a doctor I can always ask and doctor friends I can text if need be. So far this has worked amazing. Now once I get closer to birthing this baby I will probably grab my favorite labor book that I read way before I was pregnant. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I LOVE this book. It is full of beautiful stories of women laboring trusting themselves and the caretakers around them.  I highly suggest heading over to amazon and buying the book. My copy is currently with an expectant momma. Other than that I plan to take birthing classes with the hubby and a breastfeeding class and that will be my extent of pregnancy knowledge.

Every women is so different and so what one women experiences may not be what another does. My pregnancy though has been pretty text book though according to my app and any google searches I have done so I feel satisfied with the way I’ve been going about learning about pregnancy.

I would love to hear what you did to prepare for your first baby? Anything you wish you had done different? Comment below. I would love to hear about it!

3 thoughts on “Why I’ve chosen NOT to read pregnancy books

  1. I wish I had actually exercised regularly and eaten healthy. I traveled a lot during my first and second trimesters, but when I finally had time to shift my lifestyle, it was kind of too late to establish 😦

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