Why am I a bargain hunter?

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* This image is from a recent haul at Michaels Arts and Crafts when they had unmarked 90% clearance on their baskets. Our nursery organization is completely taken care of now. I spent exactly what I would have spent on ONE large basket and got 20+ baskets!* Make sure you’re following me on IG to stay up to date on when deals are posting* 

I thought I would take some time today to talk about why I bargain hunt

I think couponing/extreme bargain hunting has a bad sterotype for being for people who are either poor or hoarders. We are neither.

I have chosen to coupon because

1. Why not pay 60-110% off for items if you can

2. I have the time to coupon and bargain hunt thanks to owning my own business

3. I don’t have to spend a ton of money on the things that none of us like spending money on like toilet paper, soaps, beauty products…

4. The biggest reason to coupon for our family: By saving money from couponing that is MORE money we are able to invest for our future and our future children. What more could you ask for? 


We are an extremely savings and invested minded couple. I come from a family that saves money, and my husband comes from a family that invests. So us coming together has been the perfect match. Add in my love and desire to get the best deal for just about everything and we are on fire.

I started couponing 1.5 years ago. I couponed and bargain hunted like crazy for 3-4 months straight then took a break because we were able to get all the essentials for 2+ years worth Since then I coupon here and there. (Couponing as hard as I did back in 2013 we still have a huge stockpile of paper goods, household cleaners, and every beauty product we need.) I typically do extreme bargain hunting starting the day or two after halloween-christmas.

As of late I have been couponing and bargain hunting a little more. As every season of life changes there are new needs for our family. I feel proud that I am not only able to financially give to our family but go above and beyond and help us invest even more money into our future.

Do you coupon or bargain hunt? Why not?

One thought on “Why am I a bargain hunter?

  1. We were extreme couponers 15 yrs ago. Coupon shopping in the mid west is different than on West Coast. The coupon values have also changed from what they were, to what they are now but my shopping habits have changed.

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