First Trimester Thoughts

It is so surreal and exciting to be writing this blog post. Having to keep the secret that you are pregnant is HARD. Not being able to explain why the typically on time perfectly put together you is now late, forgetful, and can barely move, or think about eating unless its that one thing you’re craving and lord knows you need it right now is tough. Especially when you are going through your businesses busiest year/season ever. It has been a struggle and I am so thankful for my amazing clients!

(With this being said, I understand that everyone shares the news of pregnancy at different times. We chose to wait because honestly I have had so many deaths in my family I was TERRIFIED and certain something bad would happen. Oh you of little faith…I’m learning, so be gentle with me.)


So back to talk about what this blog post is actually about. FIRST TRIMESTER.  First trimester of your first pregnancy will definetly be a new experience for you with your first one. I have found this whole experience so laughable that I thought why not write about it? I’m sure someone else will get a kick out of it as well. These blog posts are meant to be light hearted yet truthful.

I always thought I knew what to expect. HAHA * Insert me laughing at myself * Yeah, I had no clue. I knew knowledge wise what would happen but for it to actually happen to you and your body is a whole other story.  It was as though something within me zapped me of all my energy and desire to do just about…anything. I wish I were kidding.

I found out I was pregnant two days before my first missed period. Just one of those gut feelings. So I took 2 or 3 (I honestly cannot remember – I blame pregnancy brain) pregnancy tests just to be sure and when they read positive I high tailed it to CVS and bought two more pregnancy tests to confirm this. Sure enough they all ready PREGNANT. HOLY MOLY. The pregnancy symptoms followed pretty quick. The first thing was the morning sickness. Which is a big fat liar- it doesn’t just come in the morning. In fact for me weeks 5-10 were pretty much all day from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep. For me personally it was anywhere between a dull-medium sick for the first 5-7 wks and then weeks 8-11 it was a  medium-I’m going to puke right now feeling. Which to me is worse than actually throwing up. When you throw up you actually feel relief. Going through the entire day without relief is miserable. Dealing with nausea almost all day makes meal planning and eating tricky.

The first week I found out I Was pregnant week 4-5 all I could think about was food. I would be on pinterest staring at food, pinning recipes.  I wanted to stare at food all day. Then week 5 came and while I still loved the idea of food the naseau came nagging.

Bring on week 6 and its definitely the worst like they say. The foods I had no problem with make me wanna turn and run the other way. (WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME BABY. HAHA). Raw chicken. O-M-G. Literally ready to throw up at the thought of it. I couldn’t walk in a grocery store by the raw meat or I would be ready to run out of the store. My sense of smell week 5-6 was so heightened I noticed everything. I mean EVERYTHING. If something has a strong smell I probably won’t like it. A clean fresh aired house is perfection for a pregnant woman. Hint to all husbands if you make food clean it up right away and open some windows. I remember during week five my hubby was making some food and the whole time I had a blanket over my nose it was so bad to me- funny thing is it was normal to me. Just apart of being preggo.

Once we got to week 7-8 I wanted cheese and protein all the time. That’s all I wanted.  Lots and lots of cheese. Well for someone who has a milk sensitivity that’s not the greatest idea and my immune system crashed from all those milk products. Which brings me to my next topic. Being sick while pregnant is the worst. Not only can you not take medicines, even the home cures that would usually fix me actually made it worse. Typically when I was sick before being preggo I would pop a clove of garlic and eat it. When you’re pregnancy I don’t EVER suggest this. My body tuned on me two minutes after trying this and I found myself over the toilet seconds later. (Lesson learned. Hopefully I can save someone from the same thing)

Weeks 9-11 were all about carbs and protein. It’s all I wanted. I am not a big bread eater, but bread and protein is all I craved.  When I went grocery shopping I ALWAYS came home with bread. haha. Lord have mercy. Bagels, sourdough bread, whole grain bread, rolls, and english muffins for days.

It is currently WEEK 11 and my while my cravings remain strong (last night I kept dreaming of sushi and seriously contemplated leaving the house at 10pm to get sushi. No joke.) My appetite is small. I always thought when you were pregnant you would sit down and devour an entire carton of whatever it was. Nope. Now, maybe that will occur when I hit second or third trimester but right now my appetite is small, and my energy is coming back. It is the MOST EXCITING THING that has happened to me in the last 3 months. I kid you not. I finally have energy to workout again and I feel like I am in HEAVEN!!!

So excited for second trimester to get back to working out, and feeling like myself again while growing a baby bump…eventually, at some time. Being tiny means your bump is none existent until..well, I’ll let you know when. haha


What about you? What did your first 11 weeks look like? Any foods you hated or had to have everyday?


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