Trying to prepare.

Can anyone prepare for the unknown?


My battle in the last couple years since mom has passed away has been loss. I have feared loss in every area of my life more than you can imagine. Losing your mother isn’t just about losing someone you’ve known your entire life it completely rattles your entire being. Everything you knew, the way you lived your life is now altered.  Everything changes. The person who you were created just like is no longer there to help you, guide you, or give you advice. The person you texted, called, and emailed on a daily and weekly basis has vanished.

As the years have passed (2 yrs, 3.5 months to be exact) since she passed from this earth to eternity I have been faced with some of my greatest fears. They have been brought to the forefront if you will.

While It hasn’t been fun, I do see Gods hand in it. Enabling me to walk through pain, hurt, and facing fears that would have crippled me if I had not addressed them. Let me just make sure and reiterate this in case you have just begun to follow my blog. I do NOT for a moment believe God gave my mom cancer, or that God killed my mom or that God brought pain and death to my family to torture, pain, or punish any of us. I do however believe that there is a silver lining in EVERY situation, not matter how painful.

It just may take longer to see that silver lining the more traumatic the issue.

I have always been honest and open in my blogging about what I am going through with the hope and desire that someone else reading may find encouragement or inspiration in their walk of life.


What are you walking through? How has it changed your daily life?











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