Only letting what inspires you in

I have had this talk with several friends and fellow photographers and it is something I am SO passionate about. I fully believe with all my heart that we should only have in our lives what truly inspires us. I love to organize and I try to make sure every couple months (okay lets be real its every couple weeks) that everything in our house, our closets, my heart, my mind inspires me.

There is so much out in this world. A lot of it is garbage (Garbage to me is: lies, distractions, fears…)

I want my life to be filled with love and life giving things. I strive to do this all the way down to my pinterest boards. I think this is especially important for us women. It can be so easy to compare, and envy what others have. There is a difference between inspiration and envy. Let all you do, and all you work towards be inspired by what encourages you to be the best version of you.

Working out is a great example. Say you follow some fitness gals on instagram.  It is so easy to compare our bodies but that is not what we were created to do. We are created to inspire each other. If we find certain images are not inspiring us, we shouldn’t let them in our life. Choose only that which inspires you to be the best version of you. Let that be fuel for you to run hard after all that the world has to offer you. Instagram is one of those things that I have found I have check my heart on on a weekly basis. It is easy to follow people that you think you want to be like only to realize they actually are not people who inspire you. I have NO PROBLEM deleting and unfollowing people that do not encourage and inspire me in my life. Its my account, its my feed. I dictate what I see. I went through the other month and unfollowed over 300 people on my instagram account. It was so encouraging to me to let go of distractions and just focus on what truly encourages me. Granted that changes from season to season. Right now I am extremely house decor focused, and I may unfollow some of those people once I feel I have gotten a handle on our home decor and that is fine.

Let go of the negativity and distractions in your life and start living the life you know you were created for.

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