Who am I to fear?

** Note from Kymberly: This image is of the tattoo I got the day after my mom passed away. **

Who am I to fear?

That is the question resounding in my heart today.

Before my mom passed away, 1 Cor 15:55 was stuck in my head: “O’ death where is your victory, O’ death where is your sting?” I meditated on that verse with such passion and fire. As I watched my mom dying before my eyes, I saw God working in my family’s life as death and life slipped between our fingers.  I realized just how FREE we are in Christ even though death stung physically. I watched my mom hurt, A LOT. Every single day the pain increased. BUT that is not where her faith was rooted. That is not where death has a say. Death must surrender the dead to Christ. Christ conquered death on the cross. Every believer’s faith is in this. Calvary: a way was made.

Death, hell, and the grave was conquered.

In her pain she cried out to her Savior. She never once let go of her faith of knowlede that He was near, that He was more than able. She went through what no human should have to encounter. But she did. And she chose love, not fear.

I want to carry that legacy, that is partly why I got a tattoo the day after she died on my right arm that says, “love wins.”

So who am I to fear if love wins?

No one.

Nothing, no circumstance, no person can overtake the love of God that surrounds me and lives within me.

Nothing can beat me down enough to make the love of God surrender. The love of God already gave us everything. Therefore everything must surrender to it.

Love is Jesus.

Jesus is love.


the message is so simple. sometimes we forget the simplicity of His love. Of what He is able to accomplish through love. So let this be a reminder. LOVE WINS.

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