Target Clearance | March 24th Roundup

Today I took a side trip down almost every aisle in Target. Believe it or not I haven’t been in for longer than five minutes in almost a month !?! Shocking I know!

Target currently has ALOT on clearance. I didn’t take pictures today while in store because I have first world problems (aka not enough storage). haha. So here are the places to check out:


Summer Living: Grilling & Fireplace : 50% off

– Charcoal Lighter Fluid $1.48ea

-Fireplace accessories: Log Holders/Fireplace Stokers/Logs


Heaters are all 50% off:

ALL HEATERS at my stores are on clearance. Large and small heaters. So if you need one for next year keep your eyes on these as they keep getting marked down.


STANLEY TOOLS are 50% off

Over 50% of the Stanley Work Tools are 50% off. I grabbed a hammer for $1.48 (we’ve been needing one and I’ve been waiting for them to go to clearance). There is everything from drills, to levels, hammers, exacto knives, wrenches…Go check it out! These were almost all gone at my store


Night lights & Flashlights are 50% off

Over half of the nightlights are 50% off and about 1/3 of the flashlights are 50% off as well. There are several great deals with 2-3 flashlights and the batteries are included with them! If you need some flashlights for your car, house, or for camping now is the time to grab them!


Party Goods & Binders are 50-70% off

Depending on how much foot traffic your store gets but it may be to late for you on these two deals. Target just clearanced out a TON of party decor (plates, napkins, gift bags…) and binders. Most stores have these at 70% off on endcaps. They clearanced them out to make room for new party decor.


Market Pantry Snack Mix & Dried Berries are 30% off

I grabbed some dried cranberries for under $2.50 for salads. Not the best deal, but still saved some money 🙂


SO! What did you find at Target this week?



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