Your best will never be enough


You were never created to be perfect in your own strength. It is impossible.

It is in His strength, in His love that you will find all that you need.

I fail.

Every day in fact.

Some days it stares me in the face. Other days it is just a whisper.

Some days I am so aware of my inability to love, to forgive, to live without His strength, that I crumble in tears realizing how any strength and love that comes from me is actually from Him. I love because He loves me. I forgive because He forgave me.

My heart, mind, and emotions fail me some days. People fail me. I fail myself.

In my strength…well let’s stop for a moment because the truth is I don’t have much strength on my own. Truth is, I think I imagine myself to be stronger than I am. Then when failure hits my life I take it harder than I should. Putting the blame on myself, shaming myself because I wasn’t enough in my eyes.

Try as you may but you will discover that you don’t have what it takes within your own strength. Truth is your best will never be enough.

But there is good news, really good news- His spirit that lives within each child  of God is more than enough and is more than capable of  accomplishing what man cannot.

He is more than you can imagine and is available to YOU.

Trade your best for His best.

He already accomplished His best. It was His son.

So the truth is you have GOD’S BEST living within you!



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