Whitening teeth with Activated Charcoal

whiten your teeth with charcoal

When I first saw a facebook friends post about wellness mama’s post on whitening teeth with activated charcoal I KNEW I had to try it. I LOVE white teeth. Unfortunately my teeth are sensitive and me and whitestrips do not work well. The bleach kills my gums aka horrible shocks of pain run through my gums when I have whitestrips on. So I have been looking for some way to whiten them that is not as harmful but still does the trick. So why activated charcoal? Well charcoal naturally absorbs chemicals, toxins, and stains. So when you put it on your teeth it naturally pulls out/absorbs the stains. The reason it is a supplement is for food poisoning, gas, bowel movements when pregnant, hangovers…

Pinterest has tons of articles on using baking soda and lemon- however I have seen so many posts on how damaging it can be because of the lemon so I have held off of that.

So this week I went to Sprouts. They just so happened to be having a 25% off sale on all vitamins and supplements. I had to ask the woman in the supplements section where it was. She quickly found it. It comes in two forms, powder OR in capsules. I chose the capsules. Again, this is an actual supplement. This is NOT charcoal from your grill.

Btw, it only cost me $7.99.

So that night I broke open a capsule, I have found just snipping the top CAREFULLY with scissors works best. I put a lysol wipe down, then a tissue and then lay my toothbrush on top. Once you break open the capsule I pour it on my toothbrush and brush for 2-3 minutes. I also just let the charcoal sit on my teeth for 3-5 minutes. When you spit you will get black charcoal all over but don’t worry it comes off super easy with a lysol wipe.

whitening teeth with charcoal

My before and after. Before any activated charcoal – 3 days later (brushing with activated charcoal once a day x 3 days)

Btw, it is really hard to a) take pictures of your teeth b) take pictures of your teeth in the exact same light.whitening teeth with charcoal

 I honestly don’t really see any difference in my teeth. With that being said, its only been three days. The articles I have read have said in a week you will notice a difference.

On a scale of 1-10 my teeth naturally are about an 8. I would say after using the charcoal for three days my teeth are now about 8.5. I do think it is pulling the stains out. However my teeth are not crazy stained so I am not getting drastic results like others may. I think that this would really work for someone who has major stains on there teeth. With that being said, I will be having my husband try this next week. My teeth overall are fairly white naturally. I just have noticed in the last year or so a little staining from drinking coffee everyday. What I will say is my teeth feel so incredibly clean, healthy clean. Regardless of whether or not I see results right away I do think its working to pull out the stains. I will post a picture in a week of any changes and in a month I will update you with my husbands results and if it whitened my teeth anymore.

Have you whitened your teeth with charcoal? How did it go?

**** Update 1/25/2015:

We tried it on my husband and barely saw any difference it any at all. I am totally disappointed that this did not work better if at all. On to another at home teeth whitening idea. Fortunately it only cost $7. If you have had success with this I would love to hear how you did it, and for how long.

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