Hair Transformation: Going platinum blonde

For those that JUST follow my blog I just realized I haven’t posted my before and after pictures of my hair transformation from June to now. I am OBSESSED with my hair now. Before I loved the long hair but my hair lays so flat that I have to do something with it everyday or its just plain jane boring. My husband had been asking everyday almost for me to cut it. He is the 1% of men that LOVES short hair. (SWEET!) So I chopped it. A lot of it! And I loved it, so I thought lets chop even more off. So I did, and I HATED it. I don’t mean like oh man I don’t really like it. I mean like ball my eyes out when I get home, I feel ugly. OUI. What is up with us as women and our hair?!? Well my husband assured me I was beautiful, meanwhile I was praying and praying for it to supernaturally grow and quick. When your hair is short, it seems like it NEVER grows. Finally I started to come to terms with the short, short hair. Let’s just say the selfies were few and far between or I was hiding my hair the the selfies during this faze this fall. Then I met my new hairstylist and we talked about how I had always wanted to go platinum. Her responce? WHY NOT? So that is just what we did and can I say I love, love, love it. I had people of course telling me not to do it, saying it would kill my hair, that its horrible for my hair, saying its a ton of upkeep and so on… I had to laugh. If I was 16 wanting to go platinum blonde and attempting to with a box I would probably yell stop at myself too. I am almost 30 years old. I think I know by now what is good and bad for my hair. I have been almost every color (redhead, black, brown, highlights, streaks, blonde…) Anyways, my hair stylist was INCREDIBLE. She is the ONLY ONE I would ever trust to transform me to platinum blonde. Instead of throwing bleach on my head like most hairstylists she loved on my hair for 5.5 hours and did back to back foils and the most beautiful white blonde appeared. She used a special treatment on my hair that helps keep my hair strong and I am happy to report none of my hair fell out,  my hair is still healthy and strong, and shinier than ever thanks to coconut oil and purple shampoo.

Now I have short hair, if you have long hair, good luck convincing your stylist to do this to your hair. My head was crazy heavy. there were literally HUNDREDS of foils.

going platinum blonde going platinum blonde

I would HIGHLY suggest this if you are wanting to go platinum. With that being said, most hairstylists will NOT do this because of how long it takes. People said it would be a pain to upkeep. How I look at is my hair is an instant statement piece. I don’t have to do a thing to it and it looks amazing. I just throw on some mascara and lipstick and I am good to go. Yes, I will be going to the hair salon more than I did before but for me that is a GOOD thing to have some me time. I don’t take enough time for me. So…. what do you think?

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