This weeks Couponing and Target Finds

Slowly but surely I am working on putting together a cohesive blog, instagram, and Facebook page to show all the hobbies and interests of myself. Through sharing my life, I want to try and help those of you that are interested in couponing and bargain hunting. When I started a year ago I read everything I could, and followed the Krazy Coupon Lady blog. I learned alot from her blog. I HIGHLY suggest reading some of her blog posts. 


Today when I woke up I got changed, and went straight to Starbucks to get my pumpkin spice Americano. With my americano in hand I took the next couple hours to coupon, and find some deals at two of my favorite stores to coupon. Target and Price Chopper. I just wanted to go over a couple deals I found and explain how I got them for free or under $1.

>>>>>>>>First up Price Chopper. 

When I lived in WA we did not have Price Chopper. I had never heard of it, however I learned it is an amazing store for couponing. Now living in the midwest I find myself at Price Chopper once a week scoring deals that seem almost to good to be true. Today I went just with the coupons I had from tear pads and from Target (on saturdays they have sample carts and they always have high value coupons. I always ask for coupons and they typically hand me almost all of them. Who am I do deny them 😉 I have not bought any coupons from the sunday paper in at least 6 months. Partly because we are almost completely stocked up on anything bathroom, cleaning, and paper goods from the first three months of me couponing last year. The other part is tear pads and the coupons that stores give away have sustained us extremely well if not better than those coupons I use to buy.

I started in the tissue aisle. This is one thing that we are NOT stocked up on and we seem to go through so quickly. In the aisle Angel Soft had peelies (coupons that are like sticked attached to an item) on their products for $1 off any one angel soft tissues. Well Price Chopper has a smaller pack for $0.99 which makes the tissues completely free. While I won’t get as many tissues as I would if I bought a large box it is free and I can wait until the boxes of tissues go on sale and use coupon with it.



Next up was a deal I did not do, but was still fantastic. Salad dressing for $.49/ea. I want to start making my own dressings so I passed up this deal. For this deal you had to buy 10 products and each dressing was .99c . Attached to all the salad dressing bottles was a $1 off 2 dressings coupon which makes them .49c ea.

So last weekend at Target there was a stand for Vitafusion adult gummies. We typically eat these so I asked the lady behind the sample cart if I could have a few coupons. She obliged and handed me about 10. *fist pump* Well at Price Chopper they had Vitamin C gummies on clearance for $1.74ea. I used a $1 off 1 coupon and received each bottle of Vitamin C gummies for only $0.74c ea!! I bought all 4 bottles they had.





>>>>>>>> TARGET

What I LOVE about target is Cartwheel. If you don’t have it. You need to get it. When I first got it I thought I had to go through the app everyday and search the new deals they have but that simply wasted time. So now what I do is just scan everything in my cart with my app. Typically 75% of what I am buying has some kind of discount on cartwheel. Today 80% of my items had a cartwheel for them. Hey every penny counts!! Alot of times the cartwheel deal DOES include clearance. When in doubt, always scan!

Tortillas: I have been watching the food clearance section at Target because they have had tortillas there. Today was the day they finally marked them down to 50% off. Plus I scanned the tortillas and found a 5%off . We use tortillas at least one a week so 55% off is great to me!  They were marked down to $1.14 and the cartwheel took an additional 5% off so I paid $1.0x.

I noticed the following things on clearance that I WOULD suggest going to target to get if you are going there already.

Espresso Machines: Marked down from $99.99 to $29.98 (YES, I did buy one!)

Pictures Frames: 70% off

Wall Decals: $5 and under (I bought one that says “Eat, Drink, and BE Merry”)

Wall Art Canvases: $2.98-10.98 (70% off) (I found two for our apartment both under $6ea)

Alcohol: Margarita mix ($4.98) Skinny Girl Vodka, White Wines (4.98), Mojito Mix (3.98), Cosmo Mix ($1.98)

Tortillas: $1 after cartwheel and clearance



>>>>>> KOHLS

Rock & Republic Jeans. Can we just start by talking about how insanely comfortable Rock & Republic jeans are!! As a woman who has long legs finding a pair of jeans that fits amazing is hard to come by. However Rock & Republic jeans are incredible. so whats the deal? Well there are tons of jeans and shorts on clearance at Kohls. Paired with my $10/ea pair of jeans I scored over 8 pairs of jeans for $38.00. Some pairs of jeans were free others were 1.60.



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