30 outfit challenge

Okay, I want to hear from you about your closet.



Has anyone done the 30 outfit challenge not just as a challenge but as a lifestyle?

I find that I simply have TO MANY clothes, accessories, shoes, everything. I continually get rid of 5+ trash bags of clothes every year. I am learning to only buy something if I have that instant “I feel incredible in this”. I use to just buy clothing if it fit, or if I knew it was in style and I halfway fit it. Well 28 years of wearing clothes I finally have higher standards than that. I don’t like clutter in my home so I am trying to figure out how to de-clutter my wardrobe. I have seen other bloggers choose 30 pieces from their wardrobe and those are the only 30 pieces they are allowed to wear for 30 days. However, I am thinking about taking it a step further. I am thinking about choosing a certain number of pieces of clothing (undergarments, workout clothes, and cami’s would not count) and just having those in my wardrobe. Getting rid of everything else that I don’t 100% LOVE.


Has anyone ever done this? I would love to hear how it went.

How did you select what items to keep?


Comment away friends!

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