Making time for dates.



Dates for me are important. They make me come alive. Quality time has become one of my top 3 love languages in the last year or two. Having uninterrupted time together is so valuable to me. As a photographer it is so easy to be at the computer till midnight, and to not have weekends to myself, let alone with my husband. This weekend we made sure to cut out some “us time”.

I am easy when it comes to dates. I don’t need a lot. Just some good food and my husband. Church got out early sunday, so we headed to Jimmy Johns (yes, my husband converted me since we got married from Subway to Jimmy Johns;) grabbed sandwiches and headed down the street to one of our favorite parks. We had an hour to hangout before my husband had to head back home to change for soccer. An hour may not seem like alot, but when you are intentional with the other person an hour is like heaven.

It is so important to me to be intentional with my husband when we are together while we do not have children. I do not want to take these days for granted. 


I would love to hear how are you intentional in dating your spouse? What do you do?

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