You wonder…

You wonder if its been to long

if you have taken to many steps

if to much life has been lived

you wonder what more of life there is to unfold

you wonder where it is that you could possibly go

to where shall you go

to where shall you wander

to where do you dare to go

is it your age that holds you back

a person, a past, a lie

a place, a nightmare, a song

what is it that you have given into

your past is gone

but you’ve let it hold on to you

Time to let go.

let go of the fear.

grasp hold of His love.


Let Him spin you around

Like a little girl in dress twirl until your heart bursts forth in joy.

Laugh until the tears come.

You were never to much.

You were never a burden.

You were never forgotten.

You were never a plan b.

You were ALWAYS His desire. 



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