What do you do when people judge?

6170d5fca1c011e3976a12bdcf22603f_8So what do you do when someone judges you?

No, not just your appearance but your life. Your lifestyle. Tonight I had this happen to me. Someone came to my husband and told him he needed to make sure I was living my life a certain way.


Yeah I was just as shocked as you may be.

Let me preface this with saying I am not living in sin, this was not a needed “intervention” moment or anything of the sort. This was a judgement. Someone from the outside who I do not have a relationship with decided their two cents needed to be heard. This person felt like I needed to be further along in my healing process of mourning and grieving my moms death and proceeded to tell my husband this. I stood there shocked as my husband relayed the conversation to me. Then anger arose with me. Then the tears began streaming down my face. My face softened and I just cried arms wrapped around my husband.

I use to be that person. I never understood cancer. I never understood why it was “so bad”. I never understand the pain of losing someone.

Now I do though.

I have a grandmother who survived breast cancer.

A grandfather that died.

I have an aunt who has survived cancer TWICE.

I have a mother who died of cancer.

Please do not tell me I need to live my life fuller, that I need to take advantage of life better.

This is my life.

God is walking me through it every day. In his hands I safely find my guide. I cannot begin to express how terrifying this journey can be. Losing the very one that took care of you before birth is not something I wish upon anyone. My life last year was a roller coaster. In February my mom passed away. In April I was engaged. In that same month I was promoted to an incredibly stressful management job. In June my grandfather died exactly 4 months to the day that my mom died. In August I was married. Now it is March 1st of 2014. Just this year have I begun to be able to “breathe normal” and feel like myself again. I never thought the day would come that me or my husband would have to defend me. What I have been through has been traumatizing, hurtful, confusing, and lets be real DEPRESSING. However in all of that I never lost myself to any addictions, I never became a crazy angry person.

So what I am asking tonight is if you know anyone hurting tonight that you would come around them with arms of love. Please do not judge their journey. It is not yours to judge or examine.

There is one judge. God. I know He is doing such a beautiful thing in my life. I do not doubt his ability to move mountains. I know that NOTHING can separate me from His love. I would suggest to each and everyone of us to trust GOD in others lives as well.

Love people. Do not preach at them.

So to answer my question what do you do when people judge you? 

Forgive them. Love them. My biggest assurance in life comes from knowing that GOD SEES. God knows my heart. God knows my journey better than anyone else. God knows the plans He has for me and does not doubt His ability to see them to pass. So why should anyone else?

Last time I checked I had two jobs, a beautiful marriage, several blogs I run, friends to the death and family members who would do anything for me. If you ask me, my life is pretty incredible!!!



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