My friday finds…

This week has been so productive and plain FUN!! I had two days off to spend with my husband. I have had tons of time with friends [including a craft day today making fall and christmas decor] and lots of fun shopping finds. This is the week of free and sales for me. My heart is full.

So I thought I would share two of my favorite scores this week:

Shopping at Michaels:

Yesterday was an amazing sale day. With it being halloween ALL fall and halloween decor was 80% off at Michaels. I walked out with 5 bags totaling only $26!! If I were you, I would head over to your local Michaels and check it out!

Online Freebie:

I have been following Lara Casey for awhile. I was so excited when I won a free print of hers. [THIS ONE HERE] It now sits framed in our kitchen. Well I was reading through Lara’s website/blog and noticed one of her friends Emily Ley, who just so happens to have some incredible design talent and has a ton of FREE phone wallpapers. You better I believe I downloaded a couple of them right away.  Go HERE to get yours! She has some other amazing freebies HERE too. Let her know I sent you if you download anything!

[P.S. Lara also has some AMAZING desktop/iphone/ipad wallpapers for free too!! Go HERE]


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