missing her.


This week has been full of life, of love, of laughter, of joy.

But it has also been full of moments of “mom…I miss you”. Moments of “Mom, I wish you were here”.

My thoughts go to the day of the wedding, the dancing, the ceremony, the getting ready.

How my mom won’t be there to watch me get ready.

…How my mom won’t be there to dance with my dad.

……How I won’t have my mom to look at during the ceremony.

………..How I won’t have my mom to hug goodbye as I leave the wedding to become a married woman….


I think about sitting next to my dad while everyone is dancing and saying three simple words.

I miss her.


This is my reality. My mom is not here.

My life is full, so full.I am so beyond blessed with all that is in my life. So please do not think I write about her and my missing her wanting pity. It is so far from that.

I write because I miss her and because I will never forget her.

I write about her because her memory and her legacy will never be forgotten.

Her life was radiant.

I want my life to be that too.

So as I sit here and think about her love, her selflessness, and her devotion to the Lord and it stirs my heart to carry on her legacy.


But still….

i miss her.

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