lists make me happy.

lists make me happy. Its true. Just the other weekend I came home after a 12 hour day of working at the steakhouse and then photographing a wedding and exclaimed to my bridesmaid “I am exhausted, I am going to go take a bubble bath and then go make some lists and finish organizing”. 

Lets just say she began roaring in laughter at me when we exclaimed “You just came home exhausted and your way to unwind is to do lists?”

Moral of the story? I love lists.

So I figured this blog post would be a list. Because I have lots of thoughts in my head tonight but not quite enough words to make each thought a blog post. So here we go.


1. When I register for things online for our wedding I think of what my mom had in the house.

2. I love my mom. I miss my mom. 

3. I know my mom would be proud of me. Did I mention I missed her?

4. I am going to be a Rubeo soon. 33 days to be exact.

5. I cannot wait to come home each day and cook dinner and clean. Its what I’ve been looking forward to for so long.

6. I would LOVE for our brand new apartments to be done soon. And by soon I mean in two weeks. 

7. Sometimes I think about how badly I want to be perfect only to pass by a mirror and remember I am.

8. My perfection is not because of anything I have done, it is all in Him.

9. Moderation is good.

10. Moderation is needed, especially after a week of cookies, ice cream, frozen yogurt and brownies every night.

11. My mom wouldn’t approve of all the junk food, but a bride has her days 😉

12. I have the most precious and amazing bridesmaids a girl could ask for. I love them more than they know. They freaking knock my socks off.

13. Saying thank you is beautiful.

14. Helping strangers makes me happy.

15. I need to remember to be Jesus and get off my high horse of self-centeredness some days…alot of days honestly.

16. I am going to be getting married soooonnn!!!!

17. I am NOT looking forward to bugging people about rsvp’ing to my wedding. So if you are reading this and get an invite…you know what to do 🙂

18. I think I am falling in love with Kansas City. I am not sure how I feel about that.

19. I love my fiancé more than I ever thought possible.

20. I stay up way to late on pinterest. Then again, who doesn’t 😉

21. I am thankful for Gods leadership in my life even when I didn’t understand.



That is all for now. Hope you were mildly entertained.

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