Somewhere along the way in my early twenties I learned that if you starve your body you lose weight. And usually pretty quick. I learned tips and tricks on how to barely feed my body anything while working off thousands of calories.  However I paid the price. I walked around like a zombie, some days having to lay in bed because I thought I was going to die.

Each time I starved my body whether it be of a meal, of water, or of an entires day worth of food my body was telling me what it needed. But I didn’t listen. Instead I insisted on chasing an image in my head of what I called perfection.

God has made our bodies in such a way that if we listen we will know what it needs. Our body will gives us ‘signals’

If I am dehydrated I get headaches, and my body starts shutting down. (I am one who gets dehydrated easy, so this is a frequent thing I am always having to stay on top of)

If I have eaten greasy food and soda I am gassy.

If I have drank to much soda + caffeine my heart begins to hurt.

I had all these signs when I was younger, I knew my body was upset at me but I just didn’t respect my body enough to listen. Apart of me thought I was invincible.

But now I honor my body, and respect it enough to give it what it needs. Not starve it of necessary nutrients.

I’ve watched my mom lay in her death bed (while battling cancer a second time) and saw how super foods really do give a dying body energy. I saw how water is needed for a body to live. Without these things you will die.

Whether it be slowly or quickly, it will happen.

I don’t know about you but I want to LIVE.

Your body is giving you signals everyday. Are you listening?

I have watched my body bounce back from me eating junk food to eating healthy food. I feel a night and day difference. I have energy, I feel positive, I have an extra bounce in my step.

Add in working out and somedays I feel invincible (If I haven’t totally killed my muscles in a workout that is;)

Lets stop believing this lie that starvation to your body is the key. It’s not. It never was, and it never will be.

Yes, portion control is good but above all your body needs fuel. Superfoods, Grains, Proteins, Water…. Give it what it needs and watch it flourish.


I have followed Amber’s fitness journey for years now. I watched her grace all the covers of fitness magazines, then she was off the radar for a bit and then she came roaring back awhile ago being a spokesperson for CLUTCH. She wrote this article : DISGUISES OF WEAKNESS  that I love!!

I understand exactly what she talks about and it is one of the big reasons I decided to turn Life with Kymberly Janelle into inspiration regarding health and fitness.

2 thoughts on “signals.

  1. So true! Thanks for the honesty. I’ve begun to view beauty/fitness obsession like a mind numbing drug that blocks me from hearing the signals my body is giving. I was once so concerned with eating ‘clean’ that I ignored important signs I was actually hurting myself (I had constant acne, my teeth were getting thin and I felt anxious all the time). Let’s just say I’m doing much better now and feeling fantastic. It’s definitely worth it. God Bless!

    1. Katie,
      I am so glad that you are doing better now. It is amazing how much our bodies can tell us without saying a word. All we have to do is listen 🙂


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