How do I say thank you?

How do I say thank you. Yesterday I tweeted this.


It is the best way I know to say Thank you and how precious the prayers are to me. I wish I had the mental/emotional energy to go through every single comment on my Facebook page and say thank you and comment more but with it only being 2 days after my moms death I don’t have that energy or time yet. But please know that I do see your comments, your messages, your texts. When you are mourning/grieving/healing you are receiving your strength from God. That is my focus at this point in time. I do not have the energy to spread myself out to 100+ people yet. The day will come, I will thank you all. But for now, take this as my THANK YOU.

First off I want to say THANK YOU to Shannon Douglas of Lionhart. I “met” this woman not even a month ago via email and then video chat. She runs an amazing non-profit similar to be.loved and we hit it off right away. The night she heard my mom died she asked if I needed money pooled together. Let me tell you something, I usually say no. I usually say I am fine. Where alot of people are quick to receive, I am quick to give. But when she asked me I knew, YES I do need help. I had taken a week off of work, and I was about to take 2-3 more weeks off of work to attend my moms funeral/life celebration and would need finances to pay for my bills while I was gone. Within an hour she had twitter and Facebook aware of my need. And the blessings started pouring in. Everytime I receive a donation via paypal my mouth drops and tears fall. Total “strangers” [but family in Christ] sending me money, friends sending me finances, and my moms friends sending me encouragement and love. It is overwhelming in the best way possible.
Gods heart overflows with love for each and everyone of us. We need only open our hands and say YES.

Recieving love, gifts, and money is an interesting thing. There has been a little lie that I have had to put at the foot of the cross that says I don’t deserve or need this money that is being sent to me. But the truth is I do have a need, and I have an amazingly loving father who takes care of His children.

Matthew 6:8 says this:

Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

this is EXACTLY what I have discovered in my times of real need. Before I even ask God comes rushing over me like flood waters with His abundant love and grace. Sometimes my heart begins to realize a need, but it hasn’t had the time to articulate it to God. And BAM, there God is working through the hearts of men and women all across the world taking care of His daughter.

Within 24 hours the twitter world was sharing Shannons message to help me.


Strangers. Friends. Sisters in Christ began sharing my need.
Yesterday I was able to get my ticket. And not just any ticket, I was able to get the only airline that does a non-stop flight from Kansas City to Seattle. This morning I woke up to check paypal and my mouth dropped again and tears began to fall as I saw people continuing to invest.
At this point I have enough money to pay my bills for the entire span of me being gone.

So again I want to say THANK YOU!!! For spreading the word, for caring, for loving. For being Jesus to me.

2 thoughts on “How do I say thank you?

  1. yay friend!!! I am so glad that you will not have to worry about things here in KC and you can focus on being with your family. Lots of love and prayers for you still!!!

    1. Shana. I cannot put into words how thankful I am. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and help to get me home!

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