time helps.

Feb 19. 2013.

I have never been one to google search questions I have about life. But I this morning I did. I typed in the words that no person should ever have to type “mourning the loss of mom” … Is this really my reality? Did this really happen? 2:41am she took her last breath.  As I looked at articles online about mourning I cam across this statement “Remember time helps, but it may not cure”. My life will never be the same. My mom never met my boyfriend. She will not be there one day when I walk down the aisle. One day when I have kids, they will have one less grandma. She would have been an amazing grandma. Time helps the statement said, but it may not cure. How do you cure the pain of a lost one? Of the very one who carried you in her body for 9 months, who labored, who sweated, who cried, who fought for my life to come into existence. The woman who taught me what it meant to be a woman, who taught me about boundaries with guys, who taught me to cling to Jesus. She taught me nothing is impossible through Christ. She taught me that a hospital bed cannot take away your joy. She taught me Jesus is always there. She taught me to let go and love. She taught me to be tenderhearted. She led by example, and corrected me in wisdom.


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