What reality are you living in?

What reality are you living in?

Are you living in a kingdom reality mindset or are you living within the bounds of what you see?

When life is going ‘good’ is it easy to believe?

What about when bumps and mountains try and discourage you from conquering them?

Do you see those mountains as dead ends or as opportunities to see the Kingdom of God made manifest in your life?

What reality have you allowed to pierce your heart, mind, body, spirit?

Is it one of worry and fear?

Is it one of discouragement?

Is it one of unbelief?

What have you allowed to dictate your thoughts, actions, beliefs?

Is it ideals and values of hope, integrity, and faith?

Or have you given room to insecurity and fear?

What type of lifestyle are you living?

Are you daring to believe or are you settling with mediocre?

I want to dare you to believe.

I want to dare you to believe that the Kingdom of God is living within you.

Because beloved one IT IS.

You may know it in your head, but all to often I see people getting sidetracked.


It is because they believe they live in a different reality than they really do.

We do not fight against flesh and blood.

What we see in the physical lasts for a moment.

But what God has established lasts for eternity.

Your salvation. That is eternity.

Your healing. That is eternity.

Forgiveness. That is eternity.

Brothers and sisters I want to encourage you. I want to remind you of the reality you live in.

You have the spirit of the living God dwelling within you.

You are not a beggar.

You are not second class.

You are not forgotten.

You have the kingdom of God within you.

Awaken to the reality of possible within you.

With God nothing is impossible.

You have the ability to believe for the biggest dreams.

You have the ability to believe for complete healing.

You have the ability to raise the dead.

You have the ability to love.

This ability was not given to you in a small portion.

You have been given ALL you need in Christ.


So that relationship that you are longing for, God has that in His hands.

That mother that you are contending for, God has healing in His wings.

That father that doesnt know Jesus, God is calling Him.

That sibling that strays all to often, God has not given up on them.

There is no fear in the Kingdom of God.


Father, forgive us for our unbelief.

We want to walk in the fullness of knowing our identity as a son and daughter of God.

One thought on “What reality are you living in?

  1. Reblogged this on Saved by His Grace and commented:
    So powerful words from a inspiring woman of Faith. Amazing how the Holy Spirit leads here into writing this article. All Praises to God!


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