being the hands & feet of Jesus.


This picture was taken this last fall as me and my mom road tripped across the country from WA state to Kansas City,MO.

If you know my mom you know she is a servant who is quick to encourage those around her, she is a bright light who loves sharing truth. She is a hard worker, and a dedicated mother and wife. It would take me 10 pages at least to share about how amazing she is. I honestly couldn’t ask for a more amazing mother. Not because of what she does, but because of who she is. Her heart is so BIG. She puts herself last to ensure that those around her are being served and loved on.

But now it is time for her to be FIRST. To be served, and sown into.

Last year my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4 Melanoma. She went through two surgeries, way to many scans, and tests to determine where the cancer was and how much. Finally, a month later – the week of her birthday she was diagnosed cancer free. We celebrated. We were thankful to God that He had led her out of this horrible thing called cancer.

Six months passed and I moved from WA to Kansas City, MO [I got to road trip with my mom to my new “home”]. Around the same time my brother and his wife moved to Marysville where they both now work. Things were going great, new beginnings were occurring for us all.

Then in January my dad gave me a call. My mom was in the ER. She was dehydrated, unable to eat and for the last several months had been in excruciating pain as a growth began forming on her.

Several weeks passed as she went in and out of the ER. Then the doctors came back with the news. The growth had to have radiation done on it to shrink it. It was so large that it was pressing up against her nerves and muscles in her back and that was what was causing her horrible back pain. The doctors did some more scans on her body and they told her the cancer had spread. Not the news we were wanting to hear. But we know Jesus conquered cancer on the cross. And complete healing is possible for my mom. After radiation finished my mom was needing hospital assistance for everything so my parents made the decision to bring the hospital home to her.

So here I am today sitting here at ‘home’ in WA state. A generous donor came forth and gifted me a ticket to come back home when they heard about my moms health. I am here for a week to help take care of my mom so my dad can work to pay the bills and the hospital bills and to encourage my mom on this journey to recovery. My mom is completely bedridden and is weak however since coming home and having my brother and sister in law visit we have noticed improvements to her health. Every little bit counts and we praise Jesus for it!

We believe Jesus is able to heal my mom. So as she walks out her healing my family has some practical needs that need to be taken care of. I live in Kansas City,MO and am unable to help my dad with these needs when I fly back home this weekend. And my brother and his wife both work in Marysville fulltime. So they cannot come up everyday. So me and my brother and sister in law and Dad are asking for your help.

If you have a desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus we would be so thankful for your help.

Meals: My dad now has to take care of everything my mom did [cooking, cleaning, bills, laundy, bookkeeping for their business]so the last thing on His mind is making dinner. This is where we are looking for help. We are looking for people to volunteer to bring meals twice a week. I am hoping to get the next 6 weeks covered. Whether you can bring one meal or 3 meals our family would be so grateful!

**Within not even five minutes of posting this blog post a woman called saying she would be providing 3 weeks straight of meals for my family!!! THANK YOU GOD!!  We have another 3 weeks that we are looking to fill now.


Care: With my mom having to stay at home, and needing assistance for everything someone has to stay with her all day and watch over her. However my dad needs to work to pay the bills, and the hospital bills that keep coming in. We are looking for people full of life and love to help watch over her during the day. My mom is the sweetest woman I know who has been sick. All while I take care of her she still works to be mom and wants to make sure I am taken care of. It brings me to tears. The love that pours out of this woman is incredible.

If you are interested in helping email :

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