DIY: Tin Can Pencil Holders

I love soup. Like LOVE soup. Especially during the winter days. I am a progresso girl all the way. Well Progresso soup comes in those tin cans, Over the last couple months I have been keep those tin cans knowing I would come up with some kind of project for them. But unsure of exactly what I would make. Then the other day when I was in the dollar section at Target [one of my favorite sections!!] I found some great red and white chevron duct tape. Then tonight it clicked chevron tape on the tin cans= awesome pencil holder.


Tin Cans [Use from your soup, make sure and wash first;]

Decorative Duct Tape [$1/roll at target]


Step one: Get some tin cans [and clean them out] + take off the label.



Step Two. Find some fun colored/designed duct tape



Put the tape around the center of the tin can.


TA-DA Easy peasy!



I have 4 tin cans that I decorated. One has wash tape, another with pens/pencils/scissors, another holds my change…


Super easy. Anyone can do!


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