Why + how to read blogs.

So why do we read blogs? Why do we blog?

These are two questions that I have been really thinking about in the last couple months. There are so many kinds of blogs. Food blogs, fashion blogs, advice blogs, christian blogs, day to day life blogs the list goes on and on.

So why do I read blogs?

For me personally I am inspired by blogs. If you have never heard of bloglovin go check it out after you finish this post. I read certain blogs to get perspective on life, others are there to remind me of why I was created, and other blogs are just fun. They help me in the day to day life. Sometimes its a simple regaining of focus, other times its just a fun way to get ideas.

A couple suggestions when reading blogs.

Don’t compare. The persons life that you are reading about may seem amazing compared to yours. Or maybe your life seems amazing compared to theirs. But our lives were never meant to be compared. Our lives are stories. No one person has the same story, that is the beauty of being able to log on a computer and discover the lives lived outside of our town.

Don’t judge. Just because someone blogs mainly about diy, housing decor, and furniture doesn’t mean their life is perfect. It also doesn’t mean its horrible. Everyone chooses to blog about different things. Some blog about the personal things in their life, others don’t. And that is okay.

DO take notes. Read some great ideas? Write them down. Have a to-do list + a wishlist nearby your computer to be able to add ideas too.

DO bookmark the blog. Lots of amazing blog posts on that brand new blog you just discovered? Bookmark it. You don’t have to read them all today. Go back to it.

Do remind yourself of who you are by getting in the word. Don’t judge yourself according to what other bloggers are doing and accomplishing.

Between blogs + Pinterest I find so many fun ideas that continually remind me I was made to create. I was created in the image of the first creator [of the heavens and earth I might add].

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