back in the boxing ring.

They say it is better to give than to receive. And I fully believe that. But for the past two weeks I have been basking in being the recipient of someone giving to me, in giving to my family. About two weeks ago I got a phone call from a person who will remain anonymous. This person began asking how my mom was, how I was doing. I shared a little bit of what life was looking like for me here in Missouri, and how my mom in Washington state was.

The focus of the phone call then shifted they told me they were not trying to impose but if it was their mom that was in the condition my mom was they would want to be with her. They then asked if it was okay if they gave me a round trip ticket home to visit my mom. My mouth dropped, and I [obviously] accepted this gracious gift.  It had been on my heart for the last couple weeks to visit my mom, but between working a FT job, managing a photography business, leading be.loved, and being in a relationship I wasn’t sure how I was going to make that happen. This phone call revealed it wasn’t for me to “make happen”. Instead Gods heart for family and relationship poured out through this person. Generosity will wreck you. I mean look at the cross. I was undeserving of such love, yet it was given.

So why have I felt the need to go home? What condition is my mom in?

I will put it this way. My mom and cancer are in the boxing ring again for the second time in the last year.

A week and a half after I got this call from this anonymous donor another person called me with the same proposition. I was undone when I got off the phone with the second person. God was showing me that I was on His heart, that family really is beautiful to Him. That taking care of each, loving each other is what life is about. When I found out my mom was back in the ring again with this stupid thing called cancer I was shocked. I never in a thousand years did I think that it would come back. I had thought that once cancer comes, it either kills or the person survives. After last March [2012] when my mom had been declared cancer free I figured the battle was over. Little did I know that stupid little bugger likes to come back time and time again rearing its ugly head attempting to strike fear into the hearts of man. The first time it came into our lives my family had a joy unexplainable, those surrounding us didn’t understand how we could be so at peace and not fearing this six letter word. This time though was different. It was unexpected. It was not what any of us wanted to hear. I didn’t see it coming.

So here it stood before us. Again. This six letter word would try and destroy our family unit. But the thing is six letter word forgot is that our hope, our faith, our trust, our love is not rooted in earthly/temporal things. It is rooted down deep in eternity. That is where I find all that I need.

It is where my mom finds all that she needs.

Because when her body is failing her, God isn’t.

When the pain is to much to bare, Gods word covers her.

When her mind wanders, the mind of Christ is what keeps her.


Cling to the word of God, it was defines you. No other words will. Not even that stupid six letter word cancer.


So in exactly one week I will be getting on a plane to fly to WA to visit my family and help take care of my mom, and the house. Ill be making meals, cleaning the house, just loving my family in the day to day. If you think of it, I would love your prayers for my mom as she is in the “boxing ring” so to speak.

Would you pray for her health? Pray for strength. Pray for her to be surrounded with like minded people who love Jesus more than life.  Would you pray for my dad who is her main caretaker, that God would continue to give Him strength.  And for me, would you pray that I continue to learn what it means to love well. thank you for your prayers!

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