I choose to blog because He chose me.

blogging has taught me its more than just words. I don’t know about you [if you are a blogger] but blogging for me has become my journaling. Yes, my paper journal does still get attention. But blogging is a way that I dare to express what I am feeling inside. What I am learning.

I choose to share my life with you because my hope is that if you are going through the same thing, you would see the light, the hope. That as I go through valleys and remember I need not fear that you too as you walk through valleys would remember the same. That as I dance in joy, you too would dance in joy for the beauty in your life is to big to contain.

Gods choice to use me has nothing to do with who I am. Did I chose this hair color? Did I chose my voice? Did I chose my talents?

Of course not.

He knit me perfectly, blending aspects of himself together into human form with the desire that as I discover who I am in Him I would shine forth radiating a light that has never been seen before. I believe that is Gods desire for each of us. That we would walk in the knowledge of who He is, and through that we would find our identity.

It can be so easy to try and fit ourselves inside of a box as we look at the exterior of what we are doing, of who we are hanging out with. But WE DON’T HAVE TO FIT IN A BOX. We don’t have to live within bounds. We don’t have to try and become who we think people would see us successful as.

God has something so much more beautiful for us than a stereotype.

soar on the wings of eagles and dare to fly.

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