find the beauty & spread it.

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I want to find the beauty in life and share it.

I was thinking about this the other day.

Isn’t this why instagram is so popular?

We find the most beautiful moments in our day to day life and share them with those following us.

It can be easy though if we do not understand how incredible we have been fashioned to begin taking pictures, writing words, and making music trying to fit within a box called “popularity”. Striving to gain the most “likes”. In a world of Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest there are so many ways for us to showcase the beauty in our lives and those around us. We all see beauty in different ways. We all find beauty in different things. My hope is that we would embrace this. Instead of trying to be like everyone else we would share what we see and stand confidently on that. God has given each of us eyes to see him. Whether we see it with the eyes of our heart or the eyes on our head. God has so many hidden treasures within life if we are willing to see them. Let go of what you think beauty is and let God transform your mindset. You will discover there is beauty in all things.

I want to encourage you to focus on the beauty in your life. There is so much love, peace, and joy within your life. Some of which you may have yet to discover. Search it out. It is there waiting to shine forth. It all comes from God. It is there to point all life back to Him. Beauty in life is found in God, and for God.

 God created a world for us to discover Himself in.

As you discover Him, share Him.

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