My journey blogging.


Long ago. Almost 8 years ago I started blogging.

Now I currently manage THREE. Yes three. This one. My photography blog. And be.loved that I founded last spring.

Blogs come in so many shapes, forms, and content. Some are around for sponsorships to make it a business. Some are there to keep there family in the loop. Some are there to offer hope and advice to those searching for it. And others are there trying to be the next “it” blog.

There are thousands, probably millions of blogs out there that you can chose to read. We are all attracted to different blogs, for different reasons. Some inspire, some speak hope, some make us laugh. Some do all three. When I really started blogging my heart a couple years ago there was this gal Kelle Hampton she blogs at Enjoying the Small ThingsI loved her blog, I read it almost everyday. Its simple, no frills, no fuss. Just beautiful pictures of her unperfect life mingled with real words that she dares to type for the world to read.

That is what I want to do as a blogger. I’ve discovered over the years of blogging I don’t like frills + fuss. I want reality. No matter how gritty, no matter how hard to type. I want to share my heart, I want to create with words not because I am good at it, but because it was what I was created to do

I just want to share my story. I want to bring in some images from my life that will give you a better glimpse in and leave it at that. I blog because I believe that in sharing my story others will find their story. That as I write they will acknowledge they are not the only one going through pain, through joy, through hard times and through good times. That is okay to cry, it is okay to laugh, it is okay to want to drink coffee all day long and read books. I blog not because I want to be cool, and certainly not to get alot of likes. I actually don’t care about how many people look at my blog. Overseeing be.loved I can honestly say that. Ive seen thousands of blog hits in one days time. But it truly doesn’t mean anything to me. I know that the Lord raises up people, and what He does no man can accomplish. There will always be blogs that get 10k hits a week. And there will always be blogs that get 10 hits a week. Success is not found in those numbers.

What I care about is sharing my heart, about coming alive in the process. If people find my blog, awesome. If only one person reads it, awesome. I know that I am not the best at grammar [believe me I am constantly getting emails and messages about my mistakes]. I am know I am not the best writer. But I have something to say. And I without saying those things, I am not fully being me. I was made to create with words. I don’t have to be perfect at it. That is the beauty of being. Nothing is required. You just be you.

As I continue to blog my blog will probably change. It may even change domain names. It may change colors, it may change styles. But beyond what changes my prayer is that what sticks is my heart. That I would continue to pour out my heart unashamed. This year I am choosing to open up and share more of myself. As I learn more about myself, I invite you to learn more about yourself. As I chose to be real, I invite you to be real. As I laugh at myself, I invite you to laugh at yourself.

So this year, instead of looking for popularity.

This year I am looking for reality.

Here is to new beginnings.

2013. You are going to be amazing. Here is to blogging from the heart unashamed.

6 thoughts on “My journey blogging.

  1. I think this might just be my favorite post yet, you’ve definitely grown since you’ve first begun blogging or at least since I first started reading your blogs.

  2. 🙂
    Taken awhile to finally realize why I love blogging so much. I was made to create. Now that I know, I plan to create away!

    1. Cyndi.

      Thank you so much for you words of affirmation 🙂

      Took me awhile to get here. But praise God I am here!

  3. I’m still reading through your blog and I definitely agree with you on blogging–especially the no fuss and frills part! When I first started blogging it was all about the numbers. And while it would be a lie to say that I don’t ever think about those pageviews/stats, as a whole, I’m finding myself concentrating on how I can push myself to be truer and a better writer for Him. It definitely helps to have blogging inspiration from ladies like you!

    p.s. Kelle Hampton is amazing.

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