2012 surpassed every dream.

Every expectation I had of life.

So much happened.

In the spring my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. [You can read about that here] And for the next couple months almost daily doctors appointments was our life.

In March the news came back. No more cancer was in her body. We celebrated.

A couple months later I joined the staff at the House of Prayer in Bellingham, WA. Overseeing the social media, helping start an internship, and serving on the worship teams.

Then I started a blog [be-lovedblog.com] and a whirlwind of success surrounded it. I began learning what it meant to lead, and how to steward what God has given you.

In the fall I felt the Lord saying I was able to move back to Kansas City, MO. So I quit my nanny job, bought an SUV, packed up everything I could into my vehicle and started out on the road with my mom to KCMO.

September 1st I arrived in Kansas City. A week later I received two jobs at a steakhouse. One as a backup Admin Manager + as a hostess.

2 months later I met Joseph. A week later we went on an 11 hour date- and the rest is history.

Tomorrow will mark being back in Kansas City for 4 months.

This year showed me nothing is impossible. From my mom being diagnosed with cancer to meeting Joseph.

This next year my desire is to walk in my identity as Gods be.loved one.

I want to see signs and wonders.

I want to see people set free.

I want to learn to love as God loves me.


Nothing is impossible.

I am ready to see the miraculous. 2013. The year of miracles. I am declaring it now 🙂

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