hangout with him.

He told me we would hang out, but then he was to tired to hangout. It hurt my heart a little. A tear leaked from my eye, my heart had been set on seeing Him. He apologized. I forgave. I missed him.

Then I remembered…
I told God I would hangout with him, but then I became to tired to hangout. 

God just kept staring at me, gazing at me calling me beautiful, calling me wonderful, calling me lovely. And it broke me. A tear leaked from my eye, I had not been true to my words. I apologized. He forgave.

Sometimes the thought comes to mind,  God doesn’t know how I am feeling. Or no one understands how I feel in a certain circumstance in life -but the thing is,He knows. He has experienced it all. And its because He has experienced it all that I am able to make it through everything.

I have betrayed Him, and He has forgiven me.

I have forgotten His name, and He still remembered mine.

I have lost confidence, but He never doubted His spirit within me.

I failed to believe, but He never stopped giving me hope.

I was blind, He gave me eyes to see.

I was deaf, and He opened my ears to hear His heartbeat.

He has always been there. Waiting for me.

He knows what it means to let go of a son.

He knows what it means to wait for a daughter to return.

He knows what it feels like to have someone spit in your face.

He knows what it feels like to be rejected.

More than anything He knows how to love. He has been loving for eternity. I never once escaped His gaze.

He wanted to hangout with me. I knew I was tired, but I stopped what I was doing and gave Him what little I had knowing His response would be one of delight and joy. He loves when I look at Him. He loves when I stop everything I am doing just to ask Him what He is doing.

I was made for relationship.

and its worth every moment of sleep I miss.

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