letter to myself.

Dear You,

I dare you. Just for a moment. Stop the comparison. You will never be that person. Beyond that, they will never be you.

Striving to be something you were not made to be will only end in dissapointment. Comparison is the thief of joy. You will think you are on to something, then you go look at a photographer who is doing extremely well. Someone who has completely different style and you begin questioning yourself. But you were not made to question yourself. You were made to walk out life BOLDLY. You were made to create what inspires you. You were made to express life, love, joy, happiness in a particular way that no other human can copy.

Take what inspires you, and do it well. 

Let go of trying to be popular, of trying to be the most liked, let go of trying to be the best and be you.



These words to myself ring deep somedays. Maybe you to can relate. I can get caught up trying to be something, someone at times. But my job is not to be anyone else. My job is to find Gods heart and gaze at all that is there, to feel His heartbeat, to discover why He does what He does and express what I learn about Him. Because the more I learn about God the more I am transformed into His image.

God created  me in His image. He made me to see things a certain way, He created me to express how I see things different than you. And He created you to see things different than how I see things. And that is okay, its more than okay. Its beautiful. It is what makes me, me. And you, you.

Ive been a photographer for 1.5 years now and it can be easy comparing, doubting, wondering if they are better than me. Here is the thing. Every photographer has a style. We all start loving photography for a different reason, we all stick to it for a different reason. For me personally it was all God, I found a camera in my hand and just knew that photography was going to be apart of my life story so I taught myself and here I am 1.5 years later. So here is to being me in life. No reason to compare. My only job is to love God and through that life will flow.

Dear YOU,

i made you perfect.



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