I once was blind but now I see.

three weeks ago I went on a blind date.

the first blind date I had been on in years. He had asked me out to lunch, I said ‘sure’. I tried not to think to much of it, but I was of course excited to see who this man was.

The day came for our first date. I was ready three hours before the date started [you could say I was a little excited]

First was lunch [insert his friends coming to same restaurant to embarrass him a little], then we walked to a shop around the corner. Next we found ourselves at a coffeeshop sipping our drinks talking for hours about the mystical union of God and dreams and visions. Next up was heading over to his friends place were we all sat around worshipping Jesus. By then it was dark out so we decided to go for a walk to the park to lay out and look at the stars, we played tag, hid from security. It was better than a fairytale. It was my reality. We walked back to his friends place in complete awe of what was unfolding before our eyes, we then finished off the night worshipping Jesus again. By the time we said goodbye 10 hours had passed.

3 weeks ago I found myself on a blind date.

10 hours later I found myself with my mind completely blown at what God was doing in our lives. Here was a complete stranger yet everything just fit, it just worked.

Today I am in awe of the goodness of God. Trying to wrap my mind around it all- I probably won’t ever completely comprehend it.

I am undeserving. Yet God in His infinite love desires to pour out every good gift upon me.

God has fast forwarded my life in such incredible ways since moving to KC. It is completely stripping me of every idea I had about relationships and earning what I have. Its been the best thing to happen to me. I am experiencing freedom in my life that my heart dreamt of and my spirit longed for.

BTW, Expect some guest video appearances of Joe and myself in the future. He loves making videos, so we will be talking about dating and relationships and God in the weeks to come either here on LWKJ or be.loved 🙂

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