rainy sunday.

things don’t always go as planned. But I am okay with that. Instead of seeing it as an inconvenience, I have the opportunity to see what God sees. Yesterday I had planned with several others what would be happening today. By now I would have attended church and would be on my way to check out a wedding venue with a potential bride instead the rain pounds against the window, the boyfriend didn’t get any sleep last night so he is still asleep at his house. And I am still in my pajamas sitting in front of my computer.

So I have christmas lights on the mantle turned on, my woods coffee mug is filled with coffee from The Woods Coffee thanks to a recent care package from my mom. I slept in for an additional two hours. I have my pandora station blasting through the apartment as God continues to knock my socks off in the littlest of ways which somehow seem to be the most profound. He continues to open my eyes to truth.

this is the day that the lord has made.

the more I live the more I become undone in Gods love. Everyday I am reminded of how God fashioned opportunities for me in every moment to point back to His love for me. He took the time from eternity to woo me. He set His gaze upon me, and He just ravishes my heart. His love is beyond a feeling. It is overwhelming. It overtakes me. All I can do is sit in awe, with a grateful heart find ways to pour out the love He fills me up with upon His children.

so thank you God for this day. Let me not judge success by all the things I mark off my list but how much my heart encounters yours.

this is the day that the lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it.

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